Network Monitoring and Control


Autonomous Probe

Nemo Autonomous Probe 4UE for automated unattended measurements

Nemo Autonomous Probe

Nemo Autonomous Probe 4UE is an ideal solution for performing automated, unattended large-scale measurements. Deployed in vehicles and fixed locations it houses up to four Android smartphones and supports all 3GPP technologies up to Cat 9. Download brochure (pdf)


Nemo Cloud

Nemo Cloud. Cloud based monitoring and control of measurement fleet

Nemo Cloud

Nemo Cloud is a unique, end-to-end online service that connects various Nemo products into one powerful, industry-leading solution enabling the remote access and control of Keysights Nemo measurement and analytics solutions as well as efficient data sharing between users. Download brochure (pdf)



Nemo CEM Solution

Nemo Customer Experience Monitor

Nemo Customer Experience Monitor

A powerful, flexible and scalable set of tools which easily and discreetly collect quality of experience data. Nemo CEM monitors wireless network performance from the end-user point of view.

With the solution embedded on the customers’ smartphone, operators can guarantee a high quality of end-user experience. Download brochure (pdf)