Nemo Outdoor

Nemo Outdoor reduces the time-to-market of new technologies and services. To gain competitive advantage in today’s market, monitoring and improving customer experience is crucial. Nemo Outdoor enables the measuring of quality-of-service (QoE) metrics for services and applications your customers are actually using including YouTube video testing and Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and Instagram application testing.

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  • Quality-of-experience (QoE) metrics for the services and applications your customers are actually using
  • Extremely easy to set up, configure and use
  • Automated measurements with extensive scripts and large scale measurment lists enabling you to focus on the actual task at hand during drive testing.
  • User-defined parameters from signaling messages can be searched and displayed during measurement and playback
  • Open ASCII file format allowing file utilization by various third-party analysis tools
  • Nemo Media Router- a patent pending application for Android based smartphones utilizing the phones own processor capacity for more effective data and voice qulity measurments.

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