Nemo Handy

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Nemo Handy product family consists of Android-based Nemo Handy-A. The handheld Nemo Handy products are highly suitable for performing measurements both outdoors and in busy and crowded indoor spaces while being simultaneously used as a regular mobile phone. Nemo Handy products provide you with the best real-time measurement visualization on the handheld market.


  • Create complex measurement scripts more easily and effectively
  • Easy to use intuitive user interface
  • Test FTP, HTTP, Browsing, YouTube, Facebook plus more
  • Use map navigation based on Google Maps
  • Geocode indoor floorplans on top of Google Maps
  • Perform audio quality and video tests: POLQA, PESQ, PEVQ-S
  • Combime scanning and indoor measurments with portable, battery-operated DRT4311B and SeaGull IBflex scanners
  • Create fast and efficient reports in the field with Nemo InstantReport option

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