Nemo Commander

Nemo CommanderWorld’s first remote control of drive test tools

Nemo Commander is a platform for centrally controlled network testing. It allows a single user to remotely operate Nemo Outdoor, Nemo Invex, Nemo Handy, and Nemo Explorer-1 test units in the field, tracking their location and status.

It is estimated that between ten and twenty per cent of drive tests fail due to human error. By using Nemo Commander to streamline resources and enhance control over drive test operations, up to forty per cent of annual drive test costs can be saved – this equates to between 200,000€ and 500,000€ for a typical mobile operator each year.
Using a remote control drive test tool, Nemo Commander, eliminates the need for two technicians in a test vehicle. Nemo Commander is based on Keysight’s Nemo Analyze platform and it supports all devices and test protocols currently supported with Nemo tools, including scanning receivers. More info..