Nemo Autonomous

Nemo Autonomous performs automated large-scale air interface measurements. A single user can monitor and control numerous fixed and mobile probes from a single location, enabling rapid response to network problems and drastic improvements in network service. Nemo Autonomous has been designed to fully integrate the best-in-class post-processing capabilities of Nemo Analyze, enabling, for example, full automation of the entire data processing chain from field to a complete report.

Nemo_Autonomous (1)

Nemo Explorer-1

Nemo Explorer-1 enables fully unattended remote controlled measurments. It employs an Android Smartphone equipped with Nemo Handy Autonomous SW and uses DC 12-24 volt car power supply.

The Explorer-1 measures RF data, signalling and service level information along with GPS location information

Autonomous Probe

Nemo Autonomous Probe 4UE for automated unattended measurements

Nemo Autonomous Probe 4UE

An autonomous field unit for unattended, remote controlled measurments. It can be installed in fixed locations, such as airports, offices, campuses as well as moving vehicles such as taxis, delivery trucks, and ships. Nemo Autonomous 4UE emplo ys up tp 4 handsets equipped with Nemo Handy Autonomous software and an uplink modem with continuous data connectivity to a remore server.


  • Weight 10.2 kg
  • Operating temp. -15°C to 40°C
  • Input voltage: 12V max 8A
  • Dimensions: 401 x 413 x 108mm
  • Mobile antenna input/output: SMA

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