RF Measurement and Analytics





Keysight’s Nemo RF measurement and analytics solutions enable customers to better and more cost effectively optimize and automate their processes and wireless networks.

Nemo tools provide a unique end-to-end information flow in measurement analytics from collection of measurement data through to post-processing and analysis. Nemo’s cloud based solution ties all together wih real-time monitoring and management of the measurement and analytics fleet of products.

Nemo network RF measurement tools can be used in all stages of the wireless network lifecycle:

  • Network rollout and optimization
    • Nemo Outdoor for drive testing
    • Nemo Handy for handheld measurements
    • Nemo FSR1 scanner for frequency scanning
  • Network benchmarking
    • Nemo Invex II for enterprise-level benchmarking of wireless operators
    • Nemo Walker Air for in-building benchmarking of wireless operators
  • Network monitoring and control
    • Nemo Customer Experience Monitor for application based monitoring of wireless networks
    • Nemo Autonomous Probe for un-attended measurements
    • Nemo Cloud for remote management and control of Nemo measurement solutions
  • Nemo data post-processing and analytics
    • Nemo Analyze for post-processing and analytics for Nemo tools
    • Nemo WindCatcher for post-processing and analytics of data from multiple data collection vendors
    • Nemo Xynergy for analyzing drive test, OSS call trace, smallcell/Distributed Antenne Systems (DAS) and network management data